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Contact us by completing the inquiry form on the Live Stream My Event page.   Online booking calendar coming soon.

If you are located in the Metro Detroit area it will be hand delivered.  If not, it will be sent via UPS or FedEx at no cost to you.

It depends on several factors.  Equipment return for each event will be detailed in the Client Agreement.

There are only a few factors that would initiate  a deposit requirement on the equipment.  Details for your event will be clearly stated at the time of booking.  

We do!  For events located in the Metro Detroit area we can schedule  a time to come out and go over all aspects of setting up and getting everything rolling.  

We are in the process of creating a video tutorial for those who are not so local.  


Camera Set Up & Connection Issues

Below is a diagram detailing the features on the physical Mevo camera.

When the Mevo is plugged in or fully charged, you can power it on.

To do so, simply press and hold the power button on the top of the camera for a moment. The battery light will flash on for a moment and you will hear a pair of short beeps.

At this point, you can remove your finger from the power button. The LED ring light will spin as the camera starts up.  When the battery and Wi-Fi lights are stable, the camera is ready to be used. When you are finished using the camera, simply press and hold the top button until the LED ring’s white light completes a circle around the edge of the camera.The LED ring will blink white before slowly fading off. This indicates that your camera is now off.

You can also remotely turn off your Mevo camera by navigating to Settings, scrolling down to the bottom, and tapping Turn Off Mevo.

Tap the icon on the included controller’s (ipad or other tablet device) home screen to launch the app.

You will then see a screen asking you to log in.  Tap Skip in the bottom right corner to continue.

A message will pop up asking you to confirm you do not want to log into Vimeo; tap Confirm.You will then see the connection card screen where you can connect to the Mevo via chosen WiFi. 

Please note: Both the camera and controller need to be connected to the same WiFi.


First, make sure both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the controller device are enabled.

Launch the Mevo app.

On the bottom right of the card, tap the Configure Mevo button.

Tap Show WiFi Networks.

The app will take a moment to load, and then your available networks will populate in a list. If your desired network does not appear, check your connection, then scroll down and tap Refresh Network List at the bottom of the menu to refresh the list. Tap the network you want to connect to. 

5GHz networks are more reliable for connecting and streaming and are recommended in favor of 2.4GHz networks.

Enter the network’s password.  If using a Mascot Live hot spot device check included paperwork for the network password.After a moment, your Mevo will be connected to your network. This will also be indicated by the LED ring showing a solid green light above the bars icon on the back of the camera. 

Tap Done, and the Mevo card will update its status again for a moment.It soon will then give you the option to connect to your Mevo. Tap Connect.

You are now communicating with your Mevo via your Wi-Fi network. In addition, any streams you broadcast will be done over Wi-Fi.

Place the Mevo on top of your stand or tripod and turn it clockwise until it is secured.

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Camera Set Up, Connection & Mobile App Issues

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