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Live stream!

You'll impress & earn cash!

Is Your Event in Need of a Mascot?


  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Cheer
  • Dance Competitions or Recitals
  • Volleyball
  • Gymnastics
  • Hockey
  • And More

Other Events

  • Wedding Ceremony (Great for Destination Weddings)
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • School Plays & Music Shows
  • Awards Banquets
  • You name it we can stream it!

Impress Your Guests

In this day and age it has become extremely common for families to be split in several directions. This often makes it difficult for both parents to attend their children's sporting or school events. Grandparents too would like see the action however distance or other obstacles may get in the way. That's where you come in! Use Mascot and your guests will be grateful!

Revenue Share

Not only does it not cost you a penny to offer Mascot at your event, you actually earn a share of the profits. Any income incurred during your event as well as 7 days prior and 7 days after will be included! Just distribute the event code to potential attendees and start reaping the benefits.

No Equipment to Purchase

We supply all the equipment to make your event stream successfully. Equipment package includes wireless high definition camera/s, controller (iPad or tablet), long lasting portable chargers, tripod and other accessories for mounting and even a dedicated WiFi Hotspot if necessary.

Video Review Capable

As the organizer you have to ability to offer coaches, referees and judges the ability to do on the spot video review. Easily rewind the live feed to view a play or routine and jump back to live with not a minute missed.

Marketing Materials

Mascot Live will provide the necessary marketing materials to get the word out that your event will be Live Streaming and available for Video on Demand. You will be provided with a stand alone banner, printed flyers (including your event code) and an email template for distribution before and after the event.

24/7 Equipment Set Up Support

Equipment set up is a breeze, even for those who are not so tech savvy! That being said, we know there will be the rare occasion that something may not be going exactly as planned. For those occasions we offer 24/7 tech support via phone or email. Live chat support is available also during specific hours.

Oh the possibilities...

Recurring Events

Does your organization offer several sports?  Each with multiple teams and age divisions?  

Are you a school administrator who hosts several events per year that you’d be interested in streaming?  

If that sounds like you, building a client relationship with Mascot would be your best bet.  Benefits include priority scheduling, increased revenue sharing and more.

Viewing options and pricing are as stated on the Mascot website.

One Time Events

Are you planning a destination wedding and are now realizing there are several guests that are not able to attend?  Why not bring  Mascot along so they can watch live and feel like they’re right by your side?

Viewing options and pricing will be custom for any one time event. 

Private Events

Love the idea of Mascot but would rather not have your event available to the entire world?  Any recurring or one time event can be private.  A specific offer code can be given to those you’d like to share it with and no one else will have access! 

Viewing options and pricing will be custom for any private event.

See what Mascot Live Clients Have to say

Tim K.

Extreme Spring Tune Up Meet Director

We decided to offer Mascot for our gymnastics competition this year and we're so happy we did. The parents loved it! There were so many positive comments about it we will definitely use it again next year!

Andrea S.

Dance Studio Owner

The cameras were so easy to set up and loved that everything was wireless. Everything ran great and the everyone was impressed. The kickback they offered was just an added bonus.

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